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Our Story

Nelius Spices is a family-owned business shared between father, daughter and son. We started this business with one vision: to ensure that all food has flavor, warmth, love and passion.

How it began

RESPEK was born in a small kitchen out of a craving for gumbo, while he was on the phone with Joshua and Taylor, who live in Louisiana, they were telling me about “Pawpaw’s” Gumbo. So, he had made his own gumbo seasoning, since he did not have access to the normal things in Louisiana in Atlanta, GA. 

In 2002, Cornelius started an at-home culinary journey that led him to crafting his own seasoning blends in his college dorm/first apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Reminiscing, he had never used a recipe, nor had many cooks in his family. We just “know” how much seasoning to put in the pot. He has always wanted to be in the culinary world, though he was not sure if it was as a chef, restaurant owner, blogger, etc. He passed his love for tasting good food on to his children, Taylor (daughter) and Joshua (Son).

It just so happened, RESPEK ended up at a dinner celebration, Cornelius’ partner had convinced him to throw a small dinner party in January 2018. Thinking about all the food to prepare, he seasoned all the food with RESPEK and realized that it was more than a gumbo seasoning, it was an all-purpose blend. Thinking he was taking a shortcut, he ended up discovering something New.